Join The Fit Whip Movement

Building the viral platform that really gets the world moving!

Fit Whips will not just be a place where you can buy Fit Whips. It’s destined to become an entire fitness experience…a Fit Whip community.

We have created the Official Fit Whip Facebook Fan Page for you to begin your Fit Whip journey. That page will be the place to Rip It Out and Whip Out 50 jumps! We don’t care what you need to do in order to get it done. Our motto is, Anywhere…Anytime!

get involved with the Fit Whip community, as it’s your best possible chance at achieving the results you really want.

Over time, the Fit Whip Facebook Fan Page and this official website, will be two places to visit consistently for education, motivation and total perspiration…sorry, we meant, inspiration. Well, that too!

Anyway, we’re here so that you do not have to go it alone.

Our Fit Whip community will eventually become a major fitness hub, where all Fit Whip users will come to interact, plus a panel of renowned fitness specialists who will be there to help keep you moving and hold you accountable to your fitness goals.

How To Share The Message With The Masses?
Again, the main objective of the Facebook Fang Page is to create an online community platform which will be used as a means for people to post their Fit Whip videos.

The idea is to get people to take Fit Whipping videos of themselves wherever they may be!
You’ve no doubt seen the viral “extreme planking” pics that people take of themselves planking in rather unique spots, well the only difference, is that this is meaningful! LOL

People will recognize that they’re helping to spread the message of fitness by sharing their own Fit Whipping videos. Imagine the places that people will rip out their Fit Whip and give us what they’ve got! With the expert fitness guidance of our resident Fit Whip experts, we will teach our Fit Whippers some cool Fit Whip tips, tricks and challenging movements. All in an effort to get more and more people to stop making excuses and whip their asses into amazing shape!

We want people to recognize the fact that there are absolutely no excuses for not fitting exercise into your daily routine. The Fit Whip can be done virtually anywhere. You don’t need a lot of space; all you need is the right attitude, your Fit Whip and positive change is on its way!